Scaling Your Team? Ditch the Growing Pains.

40 Tips on Scaling Your Recruiting Process


Growing your team as you scale your business is no small task. This guide breaks down the key takeaways and learnings that multiple leaders shared after guiding their company through four unique stages of growth. Discover what seven founders, CEOs and talent execs have learned from hiring more than 4,300 employees. Spoiler Alert: It’s a lot. 



What We'll Cover

  • Small Startups (Less Than 50 FTEs): What to look for in your first hires, hiring for cultural fit and balancing quality and quantity.
  • Mid-Sized Companies (51 - 200 FTEs): Where to invest as you grow, building out a recruiting team and designing the perfect benefits package.
  • Large Companies (201 - 500 FTEs): Hiring the right leaders, employee training and development and decisions that paid off over time.
  • Enterprise Companies (500+ FTEs): Competing with high-profile startups, retaining your employees and protecting (and scaling) company culture.