A Guide to Racial Equality in the Workplace

DEI Experts Offer Solutions to Create A Radically Inclusive Workplace


Corporate America plays an important role in overcoming systemic racism and oppression within the U.S. Companies must make diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) a part of their DNA in order to truly achieve a diverse and equitable workplace. It needs to be learned, talked about and acted upon all of the time, for the rest of time. This guide offers action-oriented solutions to help your organization embrace an anti-racist culture.


What You'll Learn

  • How to support employees in being radically inclusive. 
  • Ways to foster conversations about race in the workplace.
  • The steps for building a successful training program on unconscious bias and other important DEI topics.
  • How one company has built an anti-racist workplace and continues to do so today. 
  • BONUS: Additional resources to promote continued education.